WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop – Full Review

WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop – Full Review
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Ever felt the need of review plugin which would give you complete control right from placing the widget to customizing its colors? I’ve been using WP Review pro plugin on two of my niche blogs and I must tell you that this plugin has contributed immensely in improving search engine ranking of product review articles. There’s lot to talk about this plugin and in this blog post, I will be discussing how I’ve used this plugin to improve my search engine ranking.

Let me first talk about the statistics of one of my niche blog. It will give you a clear idea of how it helped me in ranking product review articles. I currently run a blog on Android niche which is comprised of the article about rooting various android devices, product reviews and app/game reviews. I think you must have already guessed which type of articles would have benefited from this plugin. Yes, you’re absolutely right. App/game reviews and product reviews is the section where the plugin was phenomenal.

The screenshot below portraits my daily visitors to review articles.

Blog Statistics

As you can see in the screenshot, review articles are top articles starting with 5000+ views daily. Nevertheless to say, that’s after using WP Review pro plugin on my blog.

WP Review Free vs WP Review Pro

Many of us aren’t convinced until and unless we try out things before purchasing them. I’m one such person who profoundly makes use of trial period to see how useful a product is and to which extent it can be stressed to use on my blog. In this case, since mythemeshop.com was offering a free version of WP Review plugin, I immediately threw myself to use it on my blog. After using it for a convincing time, I decided to buy it for just 25 dollars (during promotion) which has proved to be one of the very efficient investment till date. Let me laid out the differences between free version and paid version of this plugin.

Oh, and if you’re also looking for that promotional code, stick around this blog post till the end. It will reduce the price of pro version from $39 to $25 (a whooping $14 saved). 

A free plugin offers – 

  • Ability to change color combinations
  • Ability to set default review box position (you can also change it for each post individually)
  • An option to choose rating type i.e., star, percents or points
  • Ability to add as many sub features and their respective ratings
  • A tabbed widget to show recent reviews and popular reviews

A pro version of this plugin offers following on top of what is being offered by free version –

  • Unlimited domain usage
  • Control over review box width
  • Control over alignment of box to left or right side
  • Addition rating type – circle
  • User’s can put ratings through comments
  • Beautiful loading css animation
  • Ability to show ratings on thumbnail
  • Compatible with multi site and multi user
  • Works seamlessly with cache plugins so that reviews will be cached and displayed faster
WP Review Pro 2018

WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro – How it helped me, features explained

Unlimited domain usage

That’s steal. I’ve been using various paid plugins and most of the time they had limit on number of domains/blogs I can use it. I’m currently using this plugin on three technology blogs which are more or less niche specific. As I mentioned earlier one of the blog is on Android, which is yielding results as per my expectations.

Controlling review box width

WP Review Pro - Change review box width

Many of you might think that controlling review box width isn’t as important as other features but believe me it has been helping me in placing review box at right places. For example, sometimes it is convenient to place the review box beside useful information so that the overall appearance is eye-candy. In fact, it is always recommended to try and place review box at different positions. It took me a month or two to finally decide the position. What is more amusing is this position isn’t even fixed for all review articles. I keep on changing it according to the requirements.

Additional rating type and beautiful CSS loading animation

WP Review Pro - Multiple Ratings Type

Well this more of a visual aspect and I really pay close attention to how things appear to my readers. A free version of this plugin offers three types of rating systems i.e., star, percent and points. It doesn’t offer CSS loading animation which is small addition and eye-candy.

Ability to put ratings through comments

Well, this is something would be used by small number of readers but it does make a lot of impact. The most important is it shows how interactive your blog audience is. Having a small number of readers putting up reviews will also lead to good impression especially for potential advertisers.

Talking about the same on my android blog, readers especially those who have used that specific mobile were able to write their own thoughts and give their ratings. This helped other readers who were simply reading my blog post. What is interesting is it was also noticed by potential advertisers and it resulted in $750-$850 additional monthly earnings.

Ratings in thumbnail

A thumbnail is that small image that you see when a post title, summary is being shown in blogs section. This plugin offers a way to show ratings in this thumbnail which is often useful for initial impression. Let’s take an example in which a blog review has been written with nice 80 percents out of 100. A user will quickly check out that blog post to see why it has been rated so brilliantly.

In order to get the results from reader’s perspective, I asked some my regular readers a question. Does it make any difference? Will it change your decision of whether to open that blog post depending on the ratings given? I immediately got the answer. All were quick to acknowledge that ratings shown in thumbnail did impact their decision of whether to open a post or not.

Multi-site, Multi-user compatible + works seamlessly with cache plugins such as W3 Total cache

WP Review pro is fully compatible with multi site and multi user blogs.

It also works seamlessly with cache plugins such as W3 Total Cache. In fact, I’m currently using it with WP Super cache and it is working super nice.

Promotional Discount

So, it is time to help you with the promotional discount which will give you $14 off on this purchase. 
WP Review Pro – Promotional Discount


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