WordPress SEO Plugins – WordPress As A Content Management Solution

WordPress SEO Plugins – WordPress As A Content Management Solution
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WordPress As A Content Management Solution

Many of the top websites in the world run on the free, open-source WordPress SEO Plugins platform created by Matt Mullenweg in 2018.  The product is written in PHP and sits atop a MySql database platform.  WordPress is predominantly known as a blogging platform, but over the past few years has really morphed into more of an all-purpose content management solution and application platform.

WordPress comes in two flavors, more commonly known as WordPress.com and WordPress.org The .com version is available as a hosted solution from Automattic, Mullenweg’s company, where they offer premium services and upgrades to attract revenue.  The .org version is the more commonly used open source, totally free version that people can host on their own servers or internet service provider’s machines.  Almost all ISPs offer an easy to install hosted version of WordPress for their customers.  It is estimated that over 22% of all new websites created are running on WordPress.

WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress SEO Plugins

What Makes WordPress So Popular?

So what contributes to the momentum of WordPress in such a crowded space?  The fact that it is free, well documented and so easy to work with for setting up new sites is probably the biggest reason.  It has a massive community of developers who offer a wide range of themes to change the appearance of your site and plugin functionality to make WordPress SEO Plugins more functional at a reasonable price or often for free.  Another reason that seasoned internet publishers like WordPress so much is that it delivers content so effectively and thus is very good at search engine optimization (SEO).

Out of the box, WordPress has strong SEO capabilities built into it.  By being primarily focused on delivering content to the users, WordPress also exploits its core strength which is the presentation and structure of on-page content.  The basic out of the box WordPress installation has the ability to set many of the elements needed to signal search engines as to the nature and context of the content that you’re publishing.  Content publishers also have strong tagging and categorization features within the foundation of WordPress that allow them to classify and silo their content according to almost any structure they can come up with.

Many premium WordPress themes have now included enhanced SEO capabilities into their themes or theme frameworks.  These types of SEO enhancements were pioneered by frameworks like Thesis, but have now been taken to greater heights by solutions like StudioPress’ Genesis Framework.  These theme-based SEO solutions are great for the publisher who isn’t totally concerned about complete optimization but wants to make sure they do the basics right.  Also, people who prefer to run “lean” versions of WordPress without many plugins will often use this approach.

Premium WordPress Plugins For SEO

One premium WordPress themes developer, WooThemes has recently announced that they are dropping SEO integration from their WooFramework and recommending their customers move to a dedicated WordPress SEO plugin.  WooThemes are recommending the “WordPress SEO Plugins” by Yoast, a well-known WordPress SEO expert.  Yoast’s plugin is generally considered the best SEO plugin for WordPress and it is free and well maintained.  The team at WooThemes has worked with Yoast to create a simple conversion utility from WooSEO to Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin.

WordPress has become exceptionally developer friendly over the last few years, making it easier for programmers to include incredible functionality atop the core product.  Content publishers who are focused on their search engine optimization have really benefitted from these enhancements.  SEO plugins can now hook into the base platform and manipulate titles dynamically, scan the content for pre-determined SEO quality, grade the content and make suggestions for improvement against best practice.  Yoast’s SEO plugin does all of this and even integrates into a third-party tool to give you an indication of the “reading level” your content is at, all for free.

Free SEO Plugins For WordPress

There are other free SEO plugins for WordPress.  The most popular among them would be “All in One SEO”.  Prior to the release of Yoast’s plugin, All in One SEO was largely the standard plugin most people used for SEO in WordPress.  Many people still recommend it because it is fairly easy to configure and very stable, but WordPress SEO Plugins by Yoast offers a few more features.  Another free SEO plugin is Platinum SEO, which was very well liked by more technical SEO specialists, but like All in One SEO, it has been surpassed by Yoast’s plugin.

There are also many paid alternatives to the free plugins that offer some unique features, such as Clickbump SEO and Pushbutton SEO.

WordPress SEO Plugins

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