WordPress Installation Service – Is It A Good Option For Bloggers

WordPress Installation Service – Is It A Good Option For Bloggers
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So you would like to posess your very own WordPress blog… I don’t really blame you. In the past I used to have my blog on a free of charge blogging service, and I really disliked it. It wasn’t until I started using WordPress Installation Service that my blogging and efforts actually started to become a success story. It is without a doubt the greatest platform out there for any person whom is focused about seeing success at blogging.

In this article, I want to tell you about a wonderful service called a WordPress installation service. These services will install your blog, for a very low cost or sometimes for not a single dollar. I started a WordPress installation and setup service, and I do not charge my customers a single dollar for my services. I’ll explain how this whole thing works in a second.

Why utilize a WordPress installation service? The main reason is simple, it’s convenient. You do not have to worry about something going crazy with your installation. Leave it up to a person who has lots of experience and knows what they are doing. WordPress is really easy to use, once you get the tough stuff, also know as the setup processes done with.

WordPress Installation Service

WordPress Installation Service

Back when I started my very first blog I took advantage one of these installation and setup services. I’m really glad that I did. Since then I have discovered a lot about the WordPress platform and how it works, and created my own blog installation service. Every day I help really cool individuals improve their online presence, and I love doing it.

So how does it work? Well, I can tell you how it does with my own business. The only responsibility that you are responsible for in the setup and installation procedure is to purchase a web hosting plan. I can not do that for you, so it’s up to you. I show my customers the best, and at the same time most wallet friendly options for hosting plans. Any hosting package that I show to clients is going to certainly be under per month. With the way most budgets are right now, we are all a bit more tight with money. This figure is reasonable for almost anyone, it’s essentially just the cost of a meal.

After my clients pick up their blog hosting plan, the remainder is up to yours truly, I then setup and install all the necessary settings on their brand new blog. Once I am done, my clients are emailed their official login username and password and they are all set to start writing! Do you see how this service is so useful? It removes the fear of technical stuff right out of the way.

I don’t charge for my WordPress installation service. Some other blog installers do, and that is good. But my customers don’t need to pay me anything. This great feature is made possible because I get paid a certain commission when I recommend them to the web hosting business. My customers give money to the hosting company, and the hosting business pays me. It is certainly a good concept for me, and my clients. Most my competitors blog installation businesses will require anywhere from – 0 for a blog setup, so my customers are pretty happy when they save that much money.

If you would like to have a blog of your own, then looking for a WordPress setup business might be good for you. The bottom line is this, blogging is an amazingly effective communication tool for so many different reasons. It really is a painless process to get one, so you might as well do it. Show More

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