WordPress Autoblog Plugin Reviews

WordPress Autoblog Plugin Reviews
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Affiliate Store Builder System

WordPress Autoblog Plugin Reviews All You Need to Build Automated Websites Affiliate Store Builder System Why do you need an affiliate store builder system? There is no question that building affiliate stores is one of the best way to make some money online. Typically, Amazon is used to for this aim, thought there are other great affiliate networks that allow us to promote high converting products in many niches.

Wordpress Autoblog Plugin Reviews

WordPress Autoblog Plugin Reviews

In my point of view the more type of products we promote, the better. I mean, in most cases on a website where we promote physical products, we can also sell relevant digital ones as well as services. This way, once we can offer more useful content for the visitors and we have better chance to get more commissions. For this method, you should use more affiliate networks.

Generally, when we build an affiliate store the information that we want to offer about the certain products are made by us. WordPress Autoblog Plugin Reviews I mean, we create the reviews, search and at the product infos, images etc. which is a rather time consuming task. You can use a WordPress autoblog plugin that can automate this process, but there is a much better tool.

Fortunately, there is a great affiliate  store builder system called Datafeedr, that allows us to build high converting, niche stores easily and fast using more than twenty networks. It automatically generates the posts, but it only works with WordPress at the moment, though it is not so bad since WordPress is a rather optimized and felxible CMS. I have to say if you want to build money making sites this is definitely the best solution.

You can get more information about it here

How this Affiliate Store Builder Works

The great advantage of this system is that it is a good solution for beginner as well as advance marketers. It lets you to choose from nearly 200 million products, so no matter what niche your work with you will surely find products to promote. It supports 27 networks and nearly 10 thousand merchants.

It comes with a special dashboard where you can create categories, find and add relevant product. The system will automatically adds the product descriptions, prices etc. Wordpress Autoblog Plugin Reviews Once you have the products to promote, you install the WordPress plugin and you affiliate store is ready to go. You can create as many stores as you want.

But here you can find many videos about how to use this system works.

Features of Affiliate Store Builder

  • Works with any types of WordPress themes.
  • Products can be added separately, by category, merchants, affiliate networks etc. and can be mixed.
  • Automatically generates posts from your product list.
  • Affiliate Ids can be managed easily at one place.
  • Many search engine optimization features such as SEO friendly URLs, automatic link cloaking, auto meta tags etc.
  • Automatic thumbnail generation.
  • Possibility to embed stores anywhere within the site.
  • Many ways to customize the posts.

You can check out all the features here

WordPress Autoblog Plugin Reviews

Overall, if you want to build profitable affiliate stores easily and fast, I suggest you to give a try for this affiliate store builder system

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