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There are no certain conclusions to or agreements in the technology world as to who the absolute best-shared web hosting providers are. This is largely because the industry is extremely dynamic. With minds coming up with services that are better tailored for the client every other day, the scales shift just as much. However, currently, we have compiled a list of  TOP 3 SHARED WEB HOSTING PROVIDERS IN 2018. This ought to assist you in deciding whose services to use. And if you’re still not too sure by the end of the article, you can visit their websites and directly interact with them. We’ve made sure to include their website addresses.



HostGator Promo Code is BESTOFFER2017 takes the number one spot. This is due to a combination of user reviews of their services as well as our own assessment of the same. With a friendly gator welcoming you to their website, the first feeling you get about working with them is one of ease, friendliness, without a compromise on professionalism. They display this by having a very easy to use control panel. You don’t necessarily have to be a geek god to understand how to navigate the panel and get what you need. They provide a free Weebly site builder. Moreover, they provide unlimited disk space, emails and bandwidth for all plans. To make it better, you get 50% off during your first month with them. Domains start at the price of $5.

All the above not being enough, Hostgator provides the geek in you with 4500 free website templates, which you can make as unique as possible. And because that is a whole lot of website templates to choose from, they guarantee a 99.9% uptime work. If for some reason, however, you opt not to use their services, they provide a 45 day money back guarantee. Instead of leaving though, just contact them, they are available 24/7.

Here are a few more perks. They have VPS hosting, managed WordPress hosting and Linux and Windows servers.


Regardless of whether you have a business or a personal website, you would want to make sure that the hosting platform that is behind that website is as solid as possible. Perhaps you’ve heard about Fatcow hosting in the past, and have wondered whether they are as reliable as what you may have heard. Here is a simple Fatcow Review that will help you to understand a little bit more about what they offer as a host, so that you can make a determination if they are going to be the hosting company for you.

Fatcow Review And Special Pricing

One of the first things that you’re probably going to look for in a Fatcow review is going to be the price. Although all of us know that this is a concern, it really should be the last thing that you’re considering when it comes to your website. I figured that I would get this out of the way first, however, just to satisfy your curiosity and to let you know upfront exactly how much you are going to be paying for your Fatcow server. The total price that you’re going to pay is $66 per year, that’s only $5.50 a month. For that, you’re going to get everything else that we go over in the rest of this Fatcow review.

Fatcow Review and Customized Email

Did you know that the thing that people do on the Internet more than anything else is email? With FatCow, you get a customized email address that is specific to your domain name. Not only that, you can download the email to your computer or you can check it from any computer that has an Internet connection. Having a personalized email address is a great way for you to enhance your professional appearance online.

Fatcow Reviews on point-and-click website creator

Do you know how to build websites? Many people that are looking for a hosting service do not know how to build them, but they would like to be able to do most of the work themselves. This is something that I enjoyed whenever I was putting together the FatCow review, the fact that you are able to use point-and-click software that is available on their website, which lets you build your own website from scratch. There really is no need for you to learn any of the coding, you simply pick out templates, paste in a little bit of text and your website will be ready for you within minutes.

There are so many other things that I could go over on this FatCow review, but you might be interested in knowing that it is possible for you to do the following. You can build your own blog at FatCow, and use free point-and-click software in order to set it up. Use a variety of different scripts that are available which can enhance your website in many different ways. You even have the privilege of using a web hosting company that is earth friendly, because all of their servers are powered by the wind. Best yet, you get all of this in one package and it is only going to cost you a little over five dollars a month.

iPage Special Secret Discount Here

Ipage is the everlasting web hosting company that was in the industry for about 13 years and they are the best-shared web hosting provider. With ipage, anyone can start their websites in just a few minutes, by paying a cheap price and also no need to worry about the price.  Ipage hosting is providing its hosting plan at the price of $2.95 per month with the features of unlimited web hosting, unlimited domains,

unlimited disk space and unlimited email accounts. Most of the web hosting companies are using the same cPanel but has moved its services in a different direction with vDeck control panel with version 3.0 from where you can customize your websites with the ease of use and user-friendly.

The reliability in ipage is best as they maintain their uptime guarantee of 99.9% by having a strategic monitoring system that ensures to keep moving with the website’s uptime always. Ipage web hosting employs a pool of servers in which they use to support your websites and these servers provide redundancy, faster load times and fewer interruptions.

Ipage coupon is revealed with the best discount of 50% with the price of $1.99 for a short period only so hurry with this offer, and also you can get the unlimited features too.  Ipage is the only hosting company to power its servers through wind energy, such that it helps the environment by preventing from the global warming.

I page always think about the customers and it gives the best customer support service with 24/7/365 by providing live chat, phone support, email support and tickets. When you are reading the ipage review in any of the websites you can see that their uptime guarantee is maintained always and your website will never sucks.


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