How to Optimize Your WordPress Autoblog

How to Optimize Your WordPress Autoblog
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Many tips has already been given on this site on How to Optimize Your WordPress Autoblog, but I think there is never enough of them. Therefore, I collected some more suggestions on how to make your WordPress autoblogs even more search engine friendly in order to get more free traffic.

Here are 6 more techniques and plugins to improve your auto blogs.

WordPress Autoblog 2018

WordPress Autoblog

Plugins to Optimize WordPress Autoblog

Installing Sitemaps – The first is to install and set up Google XML sitemap, and submit it to the search engines. Moreover, you should also install Google Video Sitemap and Google Image Sitemap as well, in case you will have videos and images on your autoblog, which is strongly suggested. You should also submit those sitemaps as well.

Modify the Permalink Structure – The URL of your post is a factor for search engine rankings, though it is not so important as it used to be, but it can still help. You can change the permalink structure within the settings. I suggest to change it to postname, but category/postname can be also good. You can also find some free plugins that automatically remove unwanted words from your links such as a, and etc.

Improve the interlacing System of Your Autoblog – Internal linking could be a extremely vital SEO technique today. as luck would have it, there area unit nice plugins that mechanically interlink your web site. I suggest you to use SEO Smart Links for this purpose. It also has many options for SEO.

Installing Autotagger Plugin – Adding tags to posts is good way to for SEO, however since most of the WordPress autoblog plugins cannot add tags we must always install Associate in Nursing autotagger plugin. This tool will automatically add tags to posts, and can be tweaked. I recommend to use Web Ninja Auto Tagging System. It works with autoblogs that already have content.

Using Tag Cloud – This used to be very popular. For autoblogging adding a tag cloud widget can be beneficial, as it helps with improving the keyword density of your WordPress autoblog. There are rather lot plugins for this purpose.

Setting Up the Title Tag Properly – This is a key factor for SEO. Your title should contain the keyword you optimize your autoblog for. There are many SEO plugins – I suggest to use WordPress SEO by Yoast– that helps to set up your title. For autoblogs I suggest to add the main title of your site to the post titles as it obviously contain the main keyword. You should also set the SEO plugin to create the description automatically as well as the keywords. Description will be made from the excerpt and the keywords from the tags.

Install SEO Search Terms Tagging two – This plugin will facilitate to urge a lot of long tail traffic to your WordPress autoblog. How? Whenever a visitor comes to your site by using search engines the keyword that is used will be added to the post. This way you will have secondary keywords and LSI keywords on your posts making it even more SEO friendly. This SEO plugin comes with many tweaking options plus widgets that can even help with better rankings.

To get the most from this plugin check out regularly the incoming search terms and use them to set your autoblog plugin to create posts for those.

The mention WordPress autoblog optimization techniques can be easily done by installing plugins that are free, but they can really help to get more visitors from search engines.

Do You know other techniques and plugins to optimize WordPress autoblogs? Please, share!

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How to Optimize Your WordPress Autoblog

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