Theme 4 Press Review Free Premium Themes

Theme 4 Press Review Free Premium Themes
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Review Of A Free Premium Themes From  Theme4Press

For long time I thought that there is on such thing as a Free Premium Themes. You just can’t get something for free, that works and looks perfect, without the need to jump through the hoops. Not until I found out about the Themes 4 Press. Even after that I was highly suspicious about their offer. Something in it wasn’t making sense for me. But, after trying one of their themes..  (which is the one, that is currently used by this site.. )

Free Premium Themes

Free Premium Themes

My heart belongs to them! So, I decided to write an extensive review of the themes that they are offering now, so you guys can see what I’m talking about, and decide for yourself – that these themes are something that at least worth trying.

Theme 4 Press Review: Free Premium Themes

I will start my article from the review of a Free Premium Themes, that they are offering. And you will see, that what you are getting for free almost as powerful, as if you were paying for it $49 or $89.

Though, feel free to check my post on the best trending themes of 2017 (that’s featuring some of the premium themes from that price range).

So, I will start from the theme, which is I currently have on my blog.

The best thing I like about it is an ability to change its design on a fly via its state of art admin panel (which, I believe deserve a compliment, since it has a perfect balance between features available/complication of use).

Some of the themes, that I previously used – such as Pagelines, gives you plenty of options to change your theme design, but for inexperienced user it looks a little cluttered with useless stuff. At the same time, compare it with some themes – like a default WordPress Theme, which only allow you to change a header, and you understand what exactly I’m talking about.

EvoLve – Blog and Magazine Free Premium Themes

This first state Free Premium Theme from Theme 4 Press allow you:

Easily change a layout – from no sidebars, to 2 sidebars, from fluid width to fixed one.

Up to 10 subscribe Social network buttons ( you can’t go anywhere without them nowadays)

BTW – on a left top corner, you will see “SHARE” button, that if you click will offer you a choice of any social network you want – don’t hesitate to share some love, if you like this article.

This theme allow you to insert your own custom CSS, add ads in any imaginable place on your theme, as well as add widgets that will snugly fit into the theme design.

Custom menu support, footer widgets, recent posts slider will add even more abilities to customize the theme the way you want it.

SmartOne – Blog  Free Premium Theme

Simple, elegant and easy to use theme.

-You have an ability to customize a navigation menu

– 9 Different Color Schemes for Navigation Menu

– Custom Header, with ability to choose from 12 predefined one, and background with unlimited possibilities for colors.

Some more nice features includes:

Custom sidebar, content font options, and your own CSS styles.

Absolum – Blog and Business Free Premium Theme

-Build with business in mind this theme offers unlimited customization options such as theme color, sidebar, custom headers and such.

-Ability to add up to 7 custom Social buttons

-Ability to add last posts as slideshow, static, or Superb Nuvo Slider

Precisio – Blog And Magazine WordPress Theme

Clean and Flexible theme, with over 60 customization options.

You are able to add custom logo, pick any color combination you want or add awesome CSS effects.

Choose where to put ad placements for Ad Spaces tab

This theme would be a perfect fit for almost any website topic imaginable, and will work in any browser.

BeFree – Blog Free Premium Theme

Very simple looking and easy customizable theme.

Pick any font you want from Google Fonts collection

Change layout, and theme colors, add an ads from ad placements.

Change your logo, add custom favicon, add custom CSS.

PureLine – Blog And Magazine Free Premium Theme

This professional looking theme will leave you wondering why someone would offer such a great theme for free? But.. this is another Free Premium Theme, and you can download it right away. So I did, just in case they change their mind, and start charging premium for it.

Very simple looking, yet flexible design.

With over 40 Theme options this theme is top of the line for any blogger needs.

With ability to change its design on a fly – add or remove header, change posts style, add ads in any imaginable place this stunning theme might become one of your favorite right at the second you get it!

Theme 4 Press Review: Premium Themes

This review would be incomplete if I don’t go over Premium Themes, that Themes 4 Press offers. At this moment, if you decide that you want to go to the next level, and join the club, you will get a full access to all 7 Premium Themes they currently have, as well as support, updates, and much more.

Evolve Pro – Blog, Magazine, and Business WordPress Theme

Highly professionally looking these theme features a huge slider for creating eye popping presentations.

-Great feature, that allow you to highlight the latest post with a full text.

-Built in Lightbox features

-Custom templates for pages layouts

-Build in widgets for youtube, Twitter, Flickr

-14 Different design variations

Plus a ton of different other cool features – check it out yourself:

Precisio Pro – Blog, Magazine and Portfolio WordPress Theme

The very first of the templates build on an original Framework, developed by Themes4Press.

Most customizable temlate in the whole collection – over 170 different options.

Predefined templates for pages like:




Support of all the SEO setting.

Custom layouts, image popups and custom slider – these are some of the most popular options this theme offers.

Check it out below:


Creatif – Blog, Business, Magazine and Portfolio WordPress Theme

Another theme, that offers a great deal of flexibility – with over 170 different options, you can definitely find some combination, that will fit your art taste.

4 Custom templates available right off the bat:

– Business, Portfolio, Blog and Magazine

-Theme also includes custom templates for contact, gallery, archive and sitemap pages.

-SEO ready

-Various Types of Layout, SlideShow, Popup Images.

Check it out below:


Pixio – Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

Another great highly customizable theme.

Over 60 different option.

Custom CSS, Header, and Styles.

5 Built in Widget Areas.

Different backround colors, custom logo, and more:


BigRibn – Blog, Business, Magazine and Portfolio WordPress Theme

I am really like the ribbon Social buttons on the top of this theme.

Besides that the theme offers the highest flexibility possible with over 170 different settings.

4 Custom templates for any type of website you might be building, Google Fonts collection,

widgets, SEO Ready, different subscription button and more:


WoodnFolio – Blog and Potfolio WordPress Theme

Custom layouts, custom background, over 150 options.

4 Different templates to choose from

5 Custom Follow/Subscription buttons

and more:


PureLine Pro – Blog, Business and Magazine WordPress Theme

Started the article with the description of a Pure Line Theme, I can’t leave aside the PureLine Pro theme, that is an extended version of a Pure Line. It features a fully customizable Slider with coolest image transitions you’ve ever seen. Heck, you can even put a Youtube video there, isn’t it cool?

As all the other themes – this one is fully customizable:

Costom social buttons, custom background, custom header, custom fonts, custom everything.. You can build anything you want with this theme!

(Fully translated to over 20 languages menu – see the details on the website).

Hope you liked my small post about different themes, that Theme 4 Press offers. Don’t forget, that just in couple of month, I would have to update a post with a bunch of new themes from them, since they keep adding new themes every month.

Thank you for your time, If you liked this post – send me a comment, I would love to hear your feedback. If you think that this post is worth reading – share it with your friends (Share the good and good will return to you! I will appreciate it as well!)


Free Premium Themes Review from WordPress E Store.

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