Finding The Right WordPress Theme Can Be Difficult

Finding The Right WordPress Theme Can Be Difficult
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OK, you’ve decided to use WordPress for your organization’s new website. That’s understandable of course. So many nonprofits are successfully using WordPress. Hopefully you’ve decided to use a premium WordPress theme for reasons outlined on our homepage article “Premium vs. Free”.

So, where do you start?

You may have been told by your website developer, consultant or Executive Director to simply look on the Internet or go to a large marketplace like Themeforest and just pick one pick a responsive WordPress theme for your website.

You may be surprised to learn that there are over 350,000 different WordPress themes on the Internet. There are also dozens of theme marketplaces. If you do an Internet search you’ll probably type in something like “nonprofit wordpress theme” and then be presented with many articles claiming to list the “Best” WordPress themes for nonprofits. These articles provide you with short descriptions and a photo for each of a dozen or more themes. These so called “Best Themes” articles don’t offer much as an explanation of how the author’s evaluated their suggested themes. And, how do they know what’s “Best” for you? Every nonprofit organization has different requirements when it comes to website functionality, design and style.

There are also large marketplaces on line that offer you a list of themes and templates for websites.

Some even allow you to search their databases using a keyword like “nonprofit”. But look carefully at the list you’re presented. It’s likely to be a long, time consuming mix of both WordPress and non-WordPress sites, as well as sites that are not even designed for nonprofit organizations. You’ll also find many theme marketplaces still have themes that are not fully responsive to displaying correctly on mobile phones and tablets. Needless to say, searching the Internet for an appropriately designed WordPress theme that meets your needs can be frustrating and time consuming.

Here at we’re trying to solve some of the problems of finding a responsive WordPress theme for your organization. We’ve endeavored to curate, from the large selection available, those WordPress themes that are designed for the needs of nonprofit organizations. Although, one cannot expect any single theme to meet all of the needs you may have, please think of our website as a low-cost starting point to developing the ideal theme. Choosing a theme you like will give you some of the style and functionality you need.

After you purchase one of these themes,

we recommend you then employ the services of a website developer who is familiar with WordPress. Your WordPress developer will add to your chosen theme any additional functionality and styling that your organization requires. This is the formula for building the kind of effective, low-cost WordPress website used by so many successful charities.

So please go to our Welcome Page. Have a look into several of the related categories listed. Hopefully you will find a WordPress theme that you like and, with just a little customization, can truly meet the needs of your organization.

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