FatCow Web Hosting Reviews – Best Web Hosting Service

FatCow Web Hosting Reviews – Best Web Hosting Service
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FatCow Web Hosting Reviews has been providing web hosting service since 1998. They focus to deliver hosting solution and website building options for individuals and small business owners. FatCow is a leading hosting company, offering hosting service to customers all over the world.

FatCow Web Hosting Reviews

FatCow Web Hosting Reviews

FatCow Web Hosting Reviews

FatCow offers hosting solution for small to medium-sized websites on shared hosting servers for only $4.67 per month with a yearly subscription plan. New customers can benefits of a free domain name, $150 in marketing credits on Google, Yahoo and FaceBook. Their hosting plan comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Customers are able to host as many domains they want on the same account. They are also able to create unlimited MySQL databases and Email accounts.

FatCow Web Hosting Reviews

Fat Cow Control Panel

FatCow use vDeck as their control panel. This is a powerful and easy to use hosting control panel which enables to their users an easy website management, database administration, email address creation and forwarder editor, script installer, shopping cart creation and popular payment processor integration.

With FatCow’s Script installer users can easily install their favorite CMS, blog or forum software with pressing a single button; database and files are created automatically without need of any technical knowledge for them. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB, ZenCart Shopping Site, osCommerce Online Store are few of the popular scripts available on their servers.

FatCow Green Hosting

FatCow is an environmentally friendly company. Their servers are optimized to consume less energy are powered 100% by wind-generated energy. This will not compromise the performance of their servers but helps in reducing the carbon emission. If you care about your environment, choose a Green Hosting Provider!

FatCow Support

Are you having some problems with your hosting account at 1AM and need help? FatCow’s technicians are always available on the phone, email and live chat. The 24/7 available customer support is a big plus because international users get a huge benefit of it as well. FatCow also has a knowledge base and a tutorial section where new users can learn more about how to use the control panel and other webmaster related stuffs.

FatCow Conclusion

FatCow Web Hosting Reviews

FatCow Web Hosting Reviews

FatCow’s hosting plan is ideal for personal blogs, family sites, online shopping, but for small to medium-sized business websites as well. The control panel is easy to work with, offering a wide range of options and does not require any technical experience. Support is always available, ready to help their customers and solve any issues in minutes. We highly recommend using FatCow for your online business!

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Getting a hosting for your online business is a daunting task since there are lots of hosting companies out there that offer a wide range of services. Some of the providers could be betraying in offering their services while some are just trying to make a quick profit from you. For those who want to have a service that has direct pricing policy, you can try out Fatcow hosting. Yes, it is obviously true that they are the best from many years and increasing their list of satisfied customers day by day. Fatcow differs from other web hosting services that provide their own usual hosting packages.

While choosing a web hosting, most people look for the hosting price at first. But with fatcow, all you can get is cost-effective and feature-rich hosting solutions. By paying just $66 per year, the customers can bring their websites up in the internet through fatcow. This plan comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email and unlimited MySQL databases. In addition, the customers can also get a domain name, website building tools, shopping cart all for free of cost. This quality hosting package also comes with a responsible client support and 30 days money back guarantee FatCow Web Hosting Reviews.

FatCow Web Hosting

Fatcow is a trustworthy hosting provider that includes power generator in their data centers. Through this, fatcow do have back up services which they do on a daily basis. This ensures the protection of your data if the servers go down at any cost. With additional generators, they have extra protection over their servers to prevent loss of data. If you research on fatcow, you will be able to find a lot of good reviews from the customers ensuring that they are the top reliable web hosting provider forever.

Fatcow was born in 1998 with the idea of making web hosting simple and much affordable. Fatcow will be more affordable when customers use fatcow  coupon while signing up with them. By using these coupons announced by fatcow, the users can able to receive up to 50% off from the usual price of their hosting plan. The discount price varies from one coupon to the other. For an instant, if the basic plan of fatcow is available at $66 per year and by utilizing 50% offer coupon, the users can get the same hosting plan for just $33 per year.FatCow Plan for $3.15/mo. only

Fatcow’s services are great for all users since they are genuine in providing their services. Generally, they have good and affordable prices, but if you would like to get exclusive discounts, you can use a fatcow coupon code for that. There is nothing to worry about uptime and safety of your websites since fatcow employs a back-up generator that can let your sites to have greatest uptime possible. Although there are several hosting providers, none of them can compete with the quality of fatcow hosting. Another added feature of the company is that all their servers operate on renewable wind energy which in turn reduces the provider’s carbon footprints. Thus fatcow delivers environment-friendly solutions to the customers which made them so popular in the industry.

With Fatcow, you will have total control over your website. So, you can set up as many email addresses and databases as you want and install the software packages that you need. Due to the less operating costs, the customers can get the hosting by paying the less monthly fee. Therefore, you can receive cost-effective solutions from fatcow by using appropriate coupons.

65% off web hosting by FatCow!

Fatcow can be considered as a familiarFatCow Web Hosting Reviews provider in the web hosting industry for ordinary and medium-sized business solutions. It came into existence in the year 1998. Thus it is clear that they are one of the oldest as well as experienced service providers in the hosting industry. This gives fatcow plenty of confidence on what is required by clients, those who are looking for reliable hosting services. With fatcow hosting, the web designers can able to get easy to use features such as simple online store tools, blogs, galleries. Through fatcow, you can create an advance looking website within few clicks. All their servers and data centers are fully powered by wind energy.

A recent report about FatCow Web Hosting Reviews

reveals that they are prominent in encouraging eco-friendly operations. At present, the Global warming has become a serious concern which is affecting our earth day-by-day. As the internet continues to grow, the datacenters are increasing their energy consumption rates, leaving an increasing carbon footprint that contributes to global warming. Fatcow is one among the web hosts those that want to preserve our planet by captivating in green hosting. They made it possible by creating environment-friendly data centers that run on renewable wind energy.

Everyone is keen to know that how fatcow became so popular. What makes is so familiar is its basic plan that can provide business as well as personal solutions. Fatcow has an excellent track record in the customer satisfaction which is their major advantage. In simple words, fatcow is a reliable web hosting service provider which is highly economical to use.

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