Critiquing the original design

Critiquing the original design
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At first glance, the old concept looked OK.

original designBut the look didn’t match the product – and we quickly saw that the text and the graphics didn’t address what the client is selling, what the company is all about, and why anyone should care. original design Here are some of the problems: original design Overselling breeds suspicion, and glossy  marketing materials are immediately suspect. Industrial buyers don’t want glitz. The original concept is slick, but looked more like an ad for a motorcycle-performance product than a scientific coating for industrial machines. We knew that had to change. The Home page of a website has to immediately original design
and concisely show the potential buyer: Who this company is. What they do. Why the buyer should
care. And then it has to tell him what to do next. The small, squeezed, and reversed text of the client’s original concept totally failed – but we knew we could fix that. XBad positioning strategy: Our client’s original website concept may be great art, but it’s not good marketing. It may speak “lubricant,” but the product is actually a “coating” – not a lubricant enhancer. There’s widespread potential for the product, but we chose to focus on the area with the best niche potential – the wind-energy market. Also, the original concept was long on design, but short on facts. That’s the opposite of what the potential buyers of this product want. Engineers, technicians, and purchasing agents want facts and specifications. That’s not only an expectation

it’s a requirement.

Boring headlines don’t sell. Great headlines talk about quantifiable things – such as saving money
on crane rentals, keeping motors running longer than before, etc. Compelling headlines beat eye
candy every time, and our headlines are never boring.

Color produces continuity.

A new web site typically takes several
weeks or even months to complete, but
our client gave us only two weeks for this
one. original design That meant we had no time for
perfection, so we focused on the points
that would make the biggest difference.
First, we developed a theme. Of course there’s
a “WordPress theme” – software that runs behind
the new website – but our concept of “theme”
goes well beyond that. original design
The theme we developed for our client set the
course for everything that followed. And it laid the
groundwork for future marketing efforts. First we

simplified. We worked up an improved color palette.
And we paid special attention to our choice of
typefaces and the typography that makes it all work.
We made sure that the theme communicates
what they are and what they do. It’s appropriate to
their company and to potential buyers.original design
Our theme is all about credibility. The look,
the feel, and yes even the speed of a website all
weigh in to determine credibility.
And, equally important, this new theme forms
the basis for all future marketing materials and
design projects.

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