How to Find Cheap WordPress Theme

How to Find Cheap WordPress Theme
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You might have found yourself spending more for something that you could have easily attained for less and have it serve the same purpose or even better. I have been a victim of this for a while until I learned how to do my research well enough to get Cheap WordPress Theme quality stuff that cost less.

Most people have this notion that cheap is expensive, but when it comes to WordPress themes this is never the case. There are Cheap WordPress Theme that you just buy and you are satisfied and good to go. Also if cheap was substandard, can someone explain Elegant themes? They charge low and I don’t think they are even close to being called substandard.

Being a big fanatic of WordPress themes, I never miss adding some great cheap WordPress themes to my favorite themes list. Who wouldn’t want the best for less anyway? Some cheap WordPress themes come in classy designs that make them stand out despite their low prices.

This article piles up some themes that goes for 15$ on the higher side to as low as $5. These Cheap WordPress Themes include some of the new themes in the market that goes for unbelievably affordable prices. In this article, you will find most themes from Theme forest and a couple from Elegant themes since they give crazy offers that will help you save up on some money and still have your website shining brighter than ever.

Cheap WordPress Theme

Cheap WordPress Theme

RT-Theme Premium Corporate Theme 10 in 1

RT-Theme has a fixed layout and is a well-documented theme. The theme comes with 10 premium skins but it will also allow you to easily make or modify your own skin. It comes with a flexible jQuerry slider which has numerous slider effects. The theme also allows you to tweet and display your Flickr photos easily. RT theme is best preferred for businesses, services, portfolios or corporate websites.

InFocus – the Powerful Professional Theme

inFocus theme is an excellent professional Premium theme. It is a HTML/CSS theme that has an impressing jQuery slider with three different staging effects. inFocus has a lot to offer starting with: 20 page templates, drop caps, button styles, multiple layouts, Toggle box, ten skins to pick from and much more exciting features. If you are in search of a professional cheap WordPress theme, InFocus could just seal the deal.

Aiden 1.0 theme

Aiden is a 3 Column layout Joomla template. It has numerous parameters and it is very easy to change the logo. Its background comes in Aqua or blue. Aqua has two color variations that vary between pink and blue. One other great plus in its design is its set top menu, which stays in when user scrolls down, Set top menu til Absolute which stays on top.

Elementz Professional Theme

Elementz professional theme will give your website a professional look and feel. With the Elementz theme: you can separate PSD files for easier editing, it is very easy to change color theme and it can do well with all modern browsers. The theme also features a contact form, a jQuery framework and it is easy to customize and set up since its download includes a help-file.

Korporate – the Business and Corporate theme

Korporate theme is a quality premium theme that is professionally created. This theme has numerous features and it can be used for a number of sites. The theme includes a complete readme file, which will take you through making any necessary changes. This makes customizing the theme very easy and fit for both experts and beginners. It is most appropriate for corporate and business websites.

Cheap WordPress theme – Forceful Theme

Forceful is a HTML/CSS Theme that is powerfully designed to merge class, power and beauty in their best mixture.  Forceful offers great user experience to your visitors, it has tasty colors, a wide range of layouts and clear codes. This theme will surely impress and make your website and company look serious and classy.

Cocomonio – the 10 in 1 Business and Portfolio Theme

Cocomonio is a HTML theme that is best preferred for a portfolio or a business website. This theme has two incredible image slideshows, 10 fantastic skins, multiple page templates and a unique portfolio sorting option. The theme also features 10 color options – Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Brown, Red, Cyan, Oliv, and Purple, 4 different index pages, it is jQuery enhanced, has a working contact form and lots of other exciting features.

Insight, a premium portfolio template

INSIGHT is a premium HTML & CSS template that has a well-commented code that makes it very easy to customize. The theme comes in 10 color schemes, has 9 different page templates, a full-width page portfolio page, drop down menu, a contact page, a fixed layout and the theme is well documented. This WordPress theme is suitable for freelancers and professional companies’ websites alike.

Memoir WordPress Theme

The memoir is simply a standard blog theme at its best. This theme has been simply designed and comes with a pack load of character and style. The memoir will add style to your blog making it look neat and presentable.

The Professional WordPress Theme

This theme is superbly designed with a unique goal that aims to eliminate all the extra features on the home page that most people don’t find useful. The theme has a smooth silky touch that employs a simple design, making it a walk in the park for your visitors to navigate around your website. Among the theme’s features are four unique color schemes, optional blog-style structure, automated thumbnail resizing, shortcodes collection, page templates and advertising management. With such class at affordable prices, you surely will love designing and organizing your posts enjoying the easiness that comes with it.

eVid Video WordPress Theme

eVid is a theme that is solely designed for video bloggers. It is set up to integrate videos from Vimeo, Youtube, Veoh, Metacafe and such. If you plan to showcase videos in your website this theme is just for you. It has custom video interface, automated thumbnail resizing that allows you to place 125×125 banners in your sidebar and 468×60 advertisements easily to your posts.

Cheap WordPress theme – Gleam WordPress Theme

Gleam is a dazzling theme that has smooth ajax loading techniques and flashy effects. One thing you can be sure of is that this cheap WordPress theme will definitely grab your visitor’s attention. With this theme, you can add full custom background photos for each page and you can create a stunning appearance for each section of your site. Through the full-screen portfolio section, your work gets displayed in a new way.

Cheap WordPress theme – TheStyle

The Style is an elegant theme from Elegant themes. It has a modern design that will raise your blog to a whole new standard with its exclusive visual impact. This theme displays your posts in a way best suited for your visitor’s resolution. The theme has five unique color schemes, optional blog-style structure, automated thumbnail resizing, an advertising management and more exciting features.

Clean CV – Resume/Portfolio Theme + 10 Bonuses

If you are thinking of setting up a professional online CV, portfolio or personal website, Clean CV / Resume / Portfolio Website + 10 Bonuses is a cheap word press theme that will help you achieve that in minutes. With its numerous bonuses, this theme will come in handy mostly if you are doing a live interview that requires you to show printed materials. The theme has been tested and proven to work in all browsers. It features a pretty photo jQuery lightbox that allows you to display flash content, images and videos, an easy jQuery slider, inset border, working contact form, 30 icons from the most popular social media sites and much more.

Inspiration Premium theme

Inspiration Premium XHTML/CSS Template makes use of large white space in combination with a light background to bring out a clean feel to your site. Its elements are nicely spaced out and it makes use of unlimited colors to bring forth a neat design. The theme features: a universal design, unlimited color variations, JavaScript improved drop-down menu, 8 different sliders, and a lightbox with video support from Vimeo, YouTube, and .swf. It also has clean codes and it is cross-browser compatible with other numerous features.

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