Best Web Hosting Buyer’s Guide

Best Web Hosting Buyer’s Guide
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This guide offers a set of recommendations that

will be helpful when choosing a shared Best Web Hosting service. The guide is intended for users
who are planning to purchase web hosting services in order to host their blog or corporate
site, or wanting to create a social network/forum.

When you choose a company that will provide web hosting services, you should take into consideration a list of important criteria, including

The real (full) cost of services;

Technical specifications of the hosting;

Hosting reliability;

Technical support quality

Despite the fact that, in the end, any choice will inevitably bring you to a compromise between  cost and quality of the service, it is still important to research and analyze the above mentioned criteria for each web hosting service you are considering.

Best Web Hosting Reliability

Permanent accessibility and load speed of a site greatly depend on reliable and stable operation of  the web hosting. Also, it is important that the
company providing hosting services has a triedand-true
action procedure in case of hardware
breakdown or an attack by hackers on the servers
of the host. Site accessibility depends on
uninterrupted and fail-safe operation of the
hosting web server, and bandwidth of Internet
channels that connect the data center to WAN.
Site uptime is defined as the time share (in
percentage) of total time during which the servers
of the host are working and sites are available.
The uptime standard for the leaders in web hosting is currently 99.99 percent. This is an important factor, but there’s hardly anyone who would be ready and willing to take responsibility
for maintaining their uptime high.

For example, if we consider the 10 leaders mentioned in the Web Hosting Geeks rating:

FatCow Web Hosting



we may see only three hosting services that  clearly mention uptime:

Other hosting services under analysis did not indicate anything in their terms of service pertaining to the responsibility for high uptime.

The number and bandwidth of data center
channels directly influence how accessible
your site will be from various places in the
world, especially during peak load.
Availability and download speed of the site
may be checked using sites such as:
HostGator Web Hosting
While researching the site of the hosting company,you need to pay attention to how long the company has been working on the hosting market.The longer the company is on the market, the greater its experience is.The authenticity of the information can be verified
in a number of ways. Take, for example, the
website of the web hosting company

This quick background check confirms that the company has indeed been around as long as it has claimed. Please note whether the site offers the real, physical coordinates of the hosting

An important indicator of web hosting reliability is the frequency of backups, as this will reflect howmuch data in the database would be lost in the event of a server crash or hacker attack, or due to accidental data deletion.





Technical Specifications
of the Hosting Service

The main characteristics of the Best Web Hosting service that you need to take note of are the amount of disk space for the site, the volume of monthly traffic and the maximum number of additional domains.

But there are many other indicators of a host’s technical specifications:

Disk Space (in GB)

Here we must remember space is taken not only by site files, but also by temporary files generated by scripts, files, statistics, and received emails (including mail in Spam folders).All of these use up space within the disk quotathat was allocated. For example, a simple email containing 50 characters of text, including headers, can be as much as 28 KB; attach two photos, 512 KB each, to that email and you’ll already be losing 1 MB of disk space. That might not sound like a lot, but consider that if 100 suchemails are sent to the spam folder you will be  losing 100+ MB of disk space. Before ordering a hosting service you should clarify whether the size of the database is takeninto account while calculating the total amount of disk space. You should also carefully read the terms of service provided by the hosting service: if the price offer says “unlimited disk space,” what are the real limitations? For example:
In their price list, Click Here  says that
they offer unlimited disk space, yet their terms
of service Click Here ( , pt.10) specifies that the
client may host no more than 75,000 files or
folders (inodes). Moreover, according to these
terms of service, if the disk space exceeds 10
GB, the host will cease to backup clients’ files
without any prior warning.

Email is determined by such parameters as the
total number of mailboxes that can be created, as
well as the number of auto responders and
automatic mail forwarders that can be created on
one hosting account.

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