Collection of Best Premium WordPress Theme

Collection of Best Premium WordPress Theme
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Collection of Best Premium WordPress Theme

In this post I would like to describe several Best Premium WordPress Theme, that I like the most. These aer premium themes, which means that you need to pay for it, but all of them well worth the asking price. Check them out, and leave your comments after the post!

Best Premium WordPress Theme reviews

Best Premium WordPress Theme

Here is the first one:

Leanbiz: premium wordperss theme

This theme is designed specifically for commercial websites. Its sleek and up to date look gives a very clear cut insight into the website.


This theme gives you four color schemes; all of them are quite simple and elegant. It is compatible to almost all of the modern browsers. As a user you can manage all of the website features more easily with complete access on the epanel. There are options to set various set templates to different pages. You can also add videos to your website with this clean wp theme.



This theme is for blogs and online magazines.

Anthem: Best premium WordPress theme

Anthem theme is basically designed for creative websites. You can use it for photography, music, songs and other creative works.

Features: premium WordPress theme

This theme specially looks flawless in iphone, ipad and other mobile devices. You can post articles, music, videos, images and links to the website. There is an additional feature for live chat. You can issue RSS posts, facebook updates and tweets on your website. It is compatible with all modern browsers.

Acosmin MAG2

This theme is designed for blogs and magazines.

Features: premium wordpress theme

Featured content slider and is available in five different color schemes.

Four featured boxes in which you can display four different categories.

The theme is integrated with social networking websites like Flickr and Twitter.

Crescendo: premium WordPress theme

This template can increase vitality and enhance impression of a business website. You can also use it for keeping personal information and work like portfolio.

Features: premium WordPress theme

Crescendo WordPress theme allows you optional featured images with your posts. It has a flexible slider on the home page. There are easy and convenient options to switch from text to image. Various templates for blog, short codes and multi level drop down are some of the additional features of crescendo wp theme.

WP – clear photo: premium wordpress theme

This is a versatile theme template. Originally it was designed for images, photos, and portfolio. But later on its advanced design and enhanced features made it ideal for magazines, blogs and business.

Features: premium WordPress theme

This theme allows you to set your homepage layout in two different ways. Multiple background layout and colors is one big feature to increase its versatility. You can use entire galleries featured with your post. You can also run a welcome message on this premium WordPress theme, however, this feature is quite optional. Built in author page, automatic post thumbnails, footer widgets and multiple add banner locations are just few of the features.

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Thank you, WordPress E store theme team.

Best Premium WordPress Theme 2018

Best Premium WordPress Theme

Hope you liked the post about Premium WordPress theme


How to buy Best Premium WordPress Theme for your website and blog

How to buy WordPress themes is a question arising in the mind of every single person who wants to develop an online presentation of his skills or business. Today most convenient and easy way to promote your product, skills or business is to own a website with your own domain name. Whether you are running a website for promotion of your business or need a blog to show your writing skills to the world you’ll need a great website design e.g. WordPress theme template to represent your work. There are various resources from where you can buy WordPress themes.

However there are debates about whether we should buy a paid WordPress theme or go for one of those free themes available online. There are plenty of options for both paid and free WordPress themes.

Free online wordpress themes: Best buy wordpress themes

There are a number of websites that offer you free wordpress themes. Not all of them are genuine. According to a survey most of these websites contain malicious codes and hidden markings. These codes are found to be very dangerous for your server. They might steal information or create bugs in your website or blog. Despite all these associated threats, most of the people go for free wordpress themes rather than to buy wordpress themes.

Premium or paid wordpress themes: buy wordpress themes

Best Premium wordpress themes range from 10- 100$ and above 100$ in price.Before youbuy wordpress themes and that too in double dollar figure, it is very necessary that the theme must be unique.

I’m personally recommend to go with Elegant Themes – the price, that they asking for their premium themes is incredibly low. All of their themes are crafted by a team of professional designers, and they are geniunly unique.  Yes, you have to pay  a few more dollars to buy wordpress themes that are customized, but the money you spend will be worth the product you get.

How to decide a wordpress theme for your blog or website: buy Best wordpress themes

Every single theme defines the business or product you are going to promote. Choosing a theme solely depends upon the type of your business. There are different themes available for different businesses. If you are a corporate business organization your website must show your area of expertise. If you are beauty related business entrepreneur you can go for a colorful and funky wordpress theme. For a more exposed and expressed promotion of your business you must buy wordpress themes that are according to your business. Do not fill your website with a free but cheap wordpress theme that stinks in eyes.

Should you go for a free or for a Best premium wordpress theme? Buy wordpress themes

Well the answer is different for every other person. There are pros and cons of both deals. If you buy WordPress themes that are customized it gives you an opportunity to own a unique display to your website.

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WordPress themes for business

Company WP theme


  • I want to share with you my collection of a company WP themes, I have 10 themes in total. 6 free, and 5 paid themes, which would fit at almost any occasion – whether you are small business owner, or a single professional,or just looking to build a small business card looking website –  these are great themes you might want to use to get more customers.

So, here they are :

Company WP Theme – Free Themes:

  • Modern

Clean, and minimalistic. Will work for a single professional, or for a small business, which just want some online presence.

  • Several 3
  • WP – Coda – Awesome looking premium quality company wp themewith built in slider.

This is the theme you must have in your collection – the only free theme, that has such a great visual experience as well as usability.

  • The Unstandard

The Unstandard is great loaded with image thumbnails WP theme that could be great for some small businesses that have a great looking products. Best Premium WordPress Theme The center area could be used to promote a products (photos and small description will do the job, and at the same time you can show all the company info in the right column of the company wp theme.

  • Notepad

Is the theme that can be used by the the single professional, who wants to open his own practice.
Great minimalistic disign, and easy navigation.

  • Pagelines

Highly cusomizable platform, which allow you to create anything from a single – one column website to sofisticated 3 column business design theme.

 Company WP themes – Paid Themes:

Appealing company wp theme, that allows you to put up several favorite product pictures with immediate purchase button. It is a clean elegant WordPress theme. You can sell online easily. If you need ecommerce function, then you need install wordpress ecommerce plugin. Also you can check my post on Ecommerce wordpress theme. The theme features a fully customisable front page, custom settings control panel, and 2 colour scheme options.

Suit & Tie is a cool two column business WP theme by great web designer Bryan Veloso. A very good wordpress cms template for business/company/corporate websites. SEO friendly, with clean and powerful design.

The Corporation is a clean and professionally designed company wp theme for small business sites. Attain your visitor’s interest immediately with an awesome jQuery slider, and let them know who you are via simple yet powerful home-page design. TheCorporation will surely get an attention from your potential clients.

It is a simple, one page theme which provides visitor with  with clean and concise information. This wordpresss theme makes from your WP blog a  website complete with great JS effects and full gallery. Despite its unusual look, this theme is very easy to set up and a breeze to manage.

This theme was made for those looking to use WP as a Content Management System. It uses a page layout, but, a regular WordPress-Style mode is available too. eBusiness is great for business or bloggers, who want to use WP to reach new level in their business. It comes fully equipped with an fully customizable option page, which will allow you to tweak this theme the way you want, 3 unique skin designes and 9 different colors, to ensure the no other company blog will look the same as yours.


So, any way whaterver company wp theme you choose – any of these great theme designs will help you to get more customers, and add more traffic to your website.

Thank you,

Your WordPress E store Theme Team.

  1. Don’t forget to use my company WP theme collection)



You are an online entrepreneur, or a local business, that decided to go online?

And you want to use a WordPress, because it is so awesome, user friendly, loved by Google.

You are looking how to find some great themes for your online store?

And you are already decide what kind of goods you would be selling?

Here is several good hints on how to find a great Ecommerce WordPress Theme, that will fit your website perfectly.

First of all, your theme should be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly, after all – if you get Flash Theme, for example, your rankings will take a big hit – because, apparently Google still can’t figure out how da heck to index these grizzly bears, which means, that you possibly will lose a lot of potential customers, who will not see your website in a search results.

So, you need to look for some well done SEO friendly HTML theme.

Second – your theme need to have great design. Good old days of garage coded websites are gone. Your customers want to see great looking, well designed website.

If your theme suck – you are losing your customers which means you losing money. Look at the iPhones for example – everybody loves them, because of their great candybar design. And u guess who now is the King of the Phones.

Third – your Best Premium WordPress Theme  need to have good backend. After all, you don’t want to get the theme with great design, but with admin panel, that will make you cry, trying to figure out how to add new item, or a picture. This is very important – your employees, or you should be able to figure out how it works after couple minutes, or this is not the theme you need.

Forth – Your theme need to work with an Ecommerce plugin flawlessly – you don’t want a visitor, that already decided to buy figure out that he can’t do that because of the coding error, or some weird 404 mistake.

Last, but not least, you need to know, where to look for such a great theme.

There are several websites, which you can use to do that

Here they are: Show More

These are the websites that you can use to find some great looking themes for your store, and these themes will help you to make a lot of money.

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