Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Plugin

Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress Plugin
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Amazon Affiliate Store Builder

Selling Amazon products is one of the most lucrative way of affiliate marketing and now it is easier than ever before since you can use Amazon affiliate store builder which is a kind of WordPress amazon plugin that automatically grab products with images, description and reviews based on the keywords you add. There is no question that these tasks can be done manually, but if you use this software you can build an autopilot Amazon affiliate store in minutes. But before talking more about this software let me give you some tips.

Amazon Affiliate Store Builder

Amazon Affiliate Store Builder

How to Build Amazon Affiliate Stores 

The first thing you have to do is to find the best niche, product group that are worth to promote. It is not a hard task since Amazon have millions of products. You should find a product type which is not over-promoted, so the competition is low, this way you will have chance to get better ranks in search engines which means targeted website traffic.

The next point you should check out if the products are over $100, since lower priced products will bring you less commissions, but this is your decision that you build Amazon affiliate store with cheaper products since the number of sales might be higher, plus other products might be bought, too.

An important factor your should keep in mind is to promote products that have at least ten review and the rating is over 3.5. This way you affiliate store will contain popular products that are loved by the buyers. Last, but not least try to add related videos to make you site more informative for the visitors, plus this is good for SEO.

The WordPress Amazon plugin I will show you helps you to build your professional looking, highly targeted and useful Amazon affiliate store in really short time.

Amazon Affiliate Store Builder Plugin

This plugin is called WPZon Builder which is a specially built software for selling Amazon products, it is a sort of WordPress autoblog plugin that automatically generate posts based on given criteria and settings given by you. The great advantage of it is that once you set it up it will work automatically and can be used with any types of WordPress themes. You also use it to add related Amazon products to your existing blog which is a good way for better monetization.

1 Demo Plugins 

2 Check out the demo sites here

Features of this Amazon Affiliate Store Builder

  • Create Hundreds of Post– This automatic WordPress Amazon plugin can create content rich posts or pages. You can set it up to post in the future, too. This way your Amazon affiliate store will always  have fresh posts.
  • Easy Amazon Product Search – You can use a category, keywords etc. and there are many  filtering options to get the bests results.
  • Add Amazon Products To Any Post – This feature allows you to add one or multiply Amazon products to your posts.
  • Customer Reviews – To build Amazon store more effectively it automatically add the reviews made by customers if you want.
  • Works with all the Amazon sites.
  • Additional easy to customize sidebar widgets that can be used with any themes.
  • This is the only WordPress Amazon plugin that comes with link cloaking feature in order to hide those messy and long Amazon affiliate links.
  • Built-in nice buttons for higher click through rates, but you can upload yours, too.
  • You can set up it even for auto tagging and to ad related videos.
  • The Amazon affiliate store can be built with nice looking image galleries if you want.

Overall, if you would like to take part in Amazon associates to promote products online and  generate good income, you should give try for this Amazon affiliate store builder. demos Easy Amazon

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